Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Whose Mouse Are You?

Cuuuuuute book alert!

It starts out with the narrator (that's you) asking a mouse, "Whose mouse are you?" He replies, "Nobody's mouse," and then goes on to explain the how all of his family members are either far away or victims of cats or traps. Then you ask the mouse, "What are you going to do?" And the mouse describes how he's going to get his family back.

The illustrations are a little dated, but still colorful and fun. The text is simple, with just one sentence on each page. It's great for reading aloud, even to little kids. And I love that the book focuses on family and that the little mouse is so brave. Family and courage are two of my favorite themes for children's books right now.

Whose Mouse Are You?
Written by Robert Kraus and illustrated by Jose Aruego
Age range*: 3-6
My rating: 5 stars [out of five] 

*Age ranges are very flexible.

Full disclosure: I don't receive any compensation for reviewing children's books--I usually just get them at the local library.

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