Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Mouse Soup

Mouse Soup
Written and illustrated by Arnold Lobel
Recommended for ages 3-7
Mouse Soupby Arnold Lobel, is a classic. And I don't usually review classics--so much has been said about them already. But I'm going to slap this one up here because The Boy loved it, and because I think that it's become lesser-known since I read it as a kid.

So here's how Mouse Soup goes. A mouse is sitting under a tree, reading a book, when he's captured by a weasel. The weasel threatens to make soup out of him, but the mouse protests that mouse soup only tastes good if it has some stories in it. The weasel agrees, so the mouse tells four stories, delaying the soup-making and eventually allowing for his escape.

Here's what I love about this book: One, the mouse's stories are funny little things that don't necessarily make a lot of sense. Two, the mouse gets himself out of his predicament using his own wits. Three, it's an easy reader, so your kids may be able to read along with you. And four, it proves that a children's book doesn't have to be flashy or trendy to delight a child. Oh, and five--it's by Arnold Lobel, people!

Anyway, Mouse Soup is available from Amazon; just click on any of the Amazon affiliate links in this post.

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