Thursday, July 28, 2011



Dinosaurs and trucks. Together. Genius, right?

Little Boy loved Dinotrux. What little boy doesn't love dinosaurs and trucks? The premise is pretty simple: dinosaurs [made of car parts, Transformer-style] roamed the earth long ago, but they eventually rusted out and became extinct.

The story talks about several dinotrux, which have names like "dozeratops" and that do truck-ish kinds of things. It's kind of a clever book. If you have a little boy at home, you should definitely check it out.

Dinotrux is available from
Written and illustrated by Chris Gall
Approximate age range*: 3-6

[Update: I'm required by the new FTC guidelines to tell you that this post includes Amazon Affiliate links. I choose the reviewed books myself, from the local library or my own bookshelf.]

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