Monday, August 1, 2011

I Met a Dinosaur

[Update: I'm required by the new FTC guidelines to tell you that this post includes Amazon Affiliate links. I choose these books myself, from the local library or my own bookshelf.]

A little girl visits the Museum of Natural History, and after that, she imagines dinosaurs everywhere. (In a fun way, not a scary way.) Her parents sometimes say, "Oh no, that's a raccoon," or whatever, but the girl continues to imagine dinosaurs.

I like it. The illustrations are gorgeous and show the dinosaurs as she imagines them. I also like that a girl is the main character--dinosaurs are so often associated with boys. And if your kid (or you) is really into dinosaurs, there's a page at the end with facts about the dinosaurs that appear in the book.

I Met a Dinosaur is available from
Written and illustrated by Jan Wahl & Chris Sheban
Age range: 3-6 (Age ranges are very flexible.)

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