Wednesday, September 5, 2012

My Grandson Lew

This story is not for the faint-of-tear-ducts.

In My Grandson Lew, Lewis calls for his mother and asks her why Grandpa doesn't come around anymore. His mother hadn't realized that Lewis remembered his grandpa, who passed away when Lewis was very small. Lewis tells her everything that he does remember about his grandpa, and his mother assures him that even though Grandpa is gone, remembering Grandpa together is better than having to remember him alone.

Yeah, I cried. I'm tearing up a little right now.

There was one odd thing about this book is that it doesn't have any quotation marks in it, which makes it a little hard to read out loud. I guess authors got a little bit experimental when this story was published, way back in 1974. Anyway, it's still a good book, and it's especially good for children who have begun to question what happens when loved ones die.

My Grandson Lew
Written by Charlotte Zolotow and illustrated by William Pene Du Bois
Age range*: 4-8
My rating: 4 stars [out of five] 

*Age ranges are very flexible.

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