Saturday, October 13, 2012

Space Witch

So, it turns out that this is another story by Don Freeman that's out of print. Sorry about that. But check your library for it; it's definitely a different spin on the usual Halloween-themed children's books.

So, here's how Space Witch goes. Tilly Ipswich is a witch. And she gets this idea that she wants to travel this outer space! She builds herself a space ship and space suit out of tin foil and a dinosaur tooth and other witchy things, and powers the ship with "jet-black magic." (Don't worry, there's no actual black magic in this story.) She convinces her cat, Kit, to come with her by telling him about the Milky Way, and they're off to find otherworldly creatures to spook. Except, of course, things don't go exactly as planned. But Tilly and Kit do end up having a pretty good adventure.

I don't think this book is overly scary, but younger kids may have a hard time following the story. And...some kids might be a little weirded out by the witch-in-outer-space thing. The Boy liked it, though, and I thought it was a nice change from the usual Halloween stuff.

Space Witch
Written and illustrated by Don Freeman
Age range*: 3-6
My rating: 4 stars [out of five] 

*Age ranges are very flexible.

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  1. ...not to mention this book makes a cameo appearance in Corduroy Goes To The Library!



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