Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Perfect Nest

Jack is a cat, and he's hungry for eggs. So he builds the perfect nest--see the pillows and whatnot on the cover?--to attract a chicken, which will lay an egg, and then Jack will have the omelet of his dreams. Brilliant, right? But the nest also attracts a goose and a duck, and they all lay an egg in the nest. One perfect nest is too small for three birds, and Jack can't get to the eggs, so he lures the birds away. Yay, eggs! But then he notices that the eggs are hatching...

The ending of the story is sweet, and I like the illustrations. I think kids and parents will laugh at this story. To me, the funniest thing is that each of the birds speaks (clucks?) with a different accent. The chicken says, Caramba! The duck says, Sacre bleu! And the goose says, Great balls of fire! Ha--you'll have fun putting on a quack-y French accent, I promise.

The Perfect Nest is available from
Written by Catherine Friend, illustrated by John Manders
Age range*: 4-7 (Age ranges are very flexible.)

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